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 X Vitros / V.3

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PostSubject: X Vitros / V.3   X Vitros / V.3 Empty2/24/2008, 4:43 pm

I don't know if I have to post him "again", but I just wanted to make sure. I got permission to change him since alot of important things have happened that I haven't said about yet. Read up!

Name: X Vitros (Full name never mentioned)
Council Element Lord of Water and Ice. (CEL)

Age: (known on his natural to have lived around 500 Earth years. After this many years of Morsothian-traited ageing, his mother's human ageing takes effect. He looks to be 19.)

Race: Half Human, half Morsothian

Sex: Male

Hair: Blue with a few white streaks

Eyes: Right eye/yellow hazel eye, Left eye/deep sky blue with tiny red outline on the pupil.

Theme Song: Stand

Weight: 191 lbs.

Height: 6' 3"

Weapon: His weapons include a Legendary, single-edged, thin longsword that he named simply X Blade. The blade is made of a polymerized Adament with a solid Diamond tip. It has proven itself to be indestructable many times in battle. The blade has the power to turn from Holy Adament silver, to a Fire blade that burns at a tempurature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, to Ice Crystals of -150 degrees Fahrenheit, to pure Plasma Lightning.

Since the spirit, Xiga, inside X Blade is embedded half in the sword, and half in Vitros' soul; when the teen is in extreme physical or mental stress or pain, the sword lets out it's most powerful form, as well as Xiga bonding with Vitros' mind. The spirit will stop his bleeding of any wounds as long as they are bonded, and the teen's eyes will glow with blue aura.

The sword turns 7 and a half feet long counting the 3 foot handle. The gigantic arch-blade is 1 foot in width, and 5 feet in length with 5 outward razors on each side of the blade. It weighs 80 tons when in this form, making it impossible to wield by anyone except Vitros.

He also wields cannons on his elbows that shoot what is called Ebyss Vinom, Ebyss Vinom is not like a poison on Earth, what it does is if it hits a human, demon or anything but a non-living thing, the victim will lose sight, hearing, and weaken their senses for 20 seconds. His last weapon is two halfs of a Vitilament staff that he can clamp together to make a powerful staff, same strengths as the sword but with longer reach.

Armor: Vitros does not wear too much armor for the fear of slowing him self down, so his armor consists of one slightly mechanical suit. The suit is slightly tight on his upper body but baggy down on lower. He wears a blue jacket over his upper body, but nothing additional on the lower. His suits lower part looks alot like jeans exept that one pant leg is shorter than the other. The suit absorbs all dark damage but offers little protection against melee attacks, unless switched to that proper defence, which slightly slows him down. His jacket also has a mysterious metal slate on the back, which if triggered the proper way by Vitros, will allow mech wings to shoot out the sides. They look like dragon wings, except the skin inbetween that catches wind and allows flight, is blue aura that can work also as a shield. The wings allow Vitros to have much more control over his flying as well as speed.

Strengths: Vitros's best strength is his endurence and pain resistance. He has become a swordsman supreme at such a young age, he was well known throughout his planet and galaxy. He knows of swords of all kinds and can use most to his advantage. Thanks to his slightly mech suit, electrical spells, and all dark spells, no matter how powerful, will be absorbed by the suit and Vitros can shoot them back through his palms, with additional power of his own dark power, which is very low. His suit allows him to take dark energy absorbed to either heal wounds, or reverse it to Light energy and fire it back. It also has enough power to absorb a good portion of any elemental attack. Any mind-reading, mind-control, or mind-stuns are reversed to the person who used it, due to his eye never allowing it; as it is connected with his brain, and it will stun anyone who attempts for a little while.
He is capable of dodging most attacks to the best of his minds ability, and to reward of his strong will power and attitude, he never lets anyone make him lose his focus of the fight at hand, and he never gives up a fight unless his life is on the line. He is also a undead's or vampire's worst nightmare, for he is like a Holy knight, for the fact he can summon Holy magic to his sword and other normal objects, but only his sword, when it is in it's normal form. He cannot be killed by an undead, demon, or vampire.

Weaknesses: Vitros' powers almost always come with a small price. His powers and abilities must always be activated through focus, if he has more than one ability active during battle, each are slightly weakened with each additional ability activated. One of his most annoying weaknesses to him is when he becomes under pressure during a fight. If this happens, he will go to safety, sit down or stand, and think to stratigize. No enemy of his wants him to do this because once he does, it almost always gives him the victory, but it is more of a weakness than a strength. When he does this, he is highly vulnerable because it takes him 10-30 seconds to pull it off. He also never uses his black hole attack unless in an emergency, for pulling it off puts enormous strain on his body, tearing apart his muscles. He does use all element attacks but there is one that he is weak against, Lightning. It hurts him nothing too major but can stun him badly. If he is in heat for too long(120 degrees or above), he also starts to become weaker.

His left eye is a passed down trait of his ancestors. His father was the one who gave that trait, while his mother is the one who gave Vitros most of his personality. His body was formed in the shape of a human's, therefore, his heart and vital organs are that of a human. His eye, is of a Morsothian, and is connected to his human; but enhanced, brain. He can only see flash moments of the three second future, and only everytime his heart beats. The more adrenaline in him, the faster his heart beats, and the more his eye can see three seconds ahead.

Skills/Magic: Vitros had a very open mind to studying, which made him uninterested in just mastering one element. He is a user of every element known, here is a chart explaining it, 0 being no talent, and 100 being mastered.
Sound: 85

His main element is water and ice magic. As a born Morsothian, his body illuminates an unusual aura of energy that usually radiates a color of bright to dark blue, but this aura is let out of the body easier by certain nerves in the hands are activated in certain order. This sums down to Vitros having to use hand-signs to accurately control his magic. This aura has small control over the specific molecules of solid elements such as water and earth. However, his mind is much stronger than an average human's, therefore, he can keep over thousands of focus points with his thoughts. This allows him to move high numbers of molecules, and cool, and/or condense and heat them to his liking. That is why water and ice are his powerhouses in a fight. With enchantment from Light, his ice can be 10x stronger, and also be unable to melt. Here is a small listing of his attacks:

Sea's Army: This move takes a little amount of energy and a dependent amount of water. Conjuring water and focusing on however many points he wants; Vitros can make from 1 to 300 clones of himself. Any higher then 50 can drain him farther then he is comfortable with.

Water Geyser: This attack can only work if there is a good amount of water in the ground. Heating water beneath the earth, he lets boiling hot water shoot from the ground in random sequence from the ground below his enemies. It is very hard to dodge unless the foe has flying ability, and is also hard to read.

Water Shapeshift: As Vitros is able to enchant water with Light magic; he can also enchant his body with the such element. Doing so, Vitros can enchant himself as a body of water for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. Able to manipulate his water-made body afterwards, he can turn to anything just as real as the actual shapeshift.

IC Barrage: While X Blade is in it's Ice Form, swinging his sword with extreme speed, causes ice from the blade to shoot off in shard shapes in very high velocity and numbers. The shards are as big as 5 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Ice Fissure: Smashing the Ice Form blade into the ground will cause the ground to split in front of Vitros and summon ice spears of 20 feet in length to shoot out of the crack.

Aqua Strum: Using enchanted water and ice to form an ice-made body and shaft, and a water-made set of strings; Vitros can strum a note and us deadly sound magic to make the sound emitted to be ear-splitting. Almost unavoidable, however it drains him much more then his other attacks.

Seven Lord Arch: -Only accessable while Xiga is bonded with Vitros' body- / This deadly quick attack sums to seven full strikes. The whole combo is extremely hard to block or dodge all of even by the most talented of swordsmans. Starting from the front with extraordinary speed, he ducks low and swings upward with the archblade to cut the foe from the abdomen, to the base of the neck.
2. -vertical cut from the foe's left thigh, to the right shoulder while bringing the blade back up-
3. -winding around with a right to left horizontal slash-
4. -teleporting above and behind the foe, striking to the head-
5. -bringing it back up again, slashing at an angle to send the foe into the air, while he spins 180 degrees-
6. -back to the foe, reaches behind him and slashes once again, higher into the air, while spinning the rest of the 180 degrees-
7. -using the velocity of the spin, jumps forward toward the enemy with a front flip to create an arch shape with the aura streaming from the blade so smash the foe into the ground with godly force-

The 7th Element, Xiga's Heaven Gate: Only while Xiga is in partial control of Vitros. Drawing a set drawing of a gate seal in the ground, six circles around the outside and one in the middle; Vitros can cause a swirl of elements from fire, water, earth, air, dark, light, and the 7th element, combining with the other elements. Once these elements have bonded in the form of an orb-shape being carried over Vitros' head, he can smash the elements into the ground of the seal, causing them to swirl in a massive explosion around 100 meter range. This attack will, however, completely drain him of Xiga, and force the spirit back into his sword.

He also has healing magic studied down, minor injuries are healed automaticly, and medium sized wounds he has to put focus in, and serious wounds cant be healed without alot of time. Also not too long ago, Vitros studied into the magics of sound. He had always been interested in sound magic since he found the spell book to the magic. He also brainstormed the day he saw a guitar on Earth. Knowing it was capable of extremely high sound, he knew his magic in sound would come in handy the next time he made a guitar out of ice and water.
Vitros also has numerous natural abilities. During battle, he is capable of running 70 mph and can teleport small distances with 1-3 seconds of focus. While traveling though, he is capable at best to fly at speeds to 800 mph after building momentum. Thanks to his fathers training for 10 years, his reflexes and senses are far more than the average person, making sneak attacks useless. He also has one more very important ability, his left eye. His left eye is capable of mind-reading, mind-control for short times, illusions and future visions. If he has his future vision activated with nothing else, it is impossible to hit him with a projectile such as a loud cannon or gun. He very rarely allows his eye to use its full potential, for it takes a considerable amount of focus and energy. When his eye "is" in full power, a certain power it holds is unlocked, a solid clone spell. The clone spell is his last resort in some battles, where he can make up to 10 solid clones of himself, all distinct and exactly the same in feelings and energy, making it almost impossible to tell them apart from the real teen. However, each clone has a small limit of damage they can take before they fade away.

His eye also lets him see completely around his body. He is also capable of making small black holes, that he can build up and let it stay as long as he can. Last, but not the least of his abilities, on a scale, Vitros always weighed around 130-140 pounds, but when other people tryed to pick him up, or bump into him, it was like trying to lift a giant ball of steel, or bumping into a brick wall.

Appearance: Vitros always was one of the better looking guys in his schools he went to and always had girls looking at him, which started to get old with him. He has flawless skin, blue hazel right eye and a yellow, red outlined left eye with a blue X deep inside it. He is a little shorter than maybe 20% of other people his age, and had a very toned body for his age. He had brown hair at one time then changed it to blue with white streaks, with everyone saying, "Nice change in hair!", and not in the make fun of him way either. Very rarely since being seperated from his family, you will see his pet riding on his shoulder or close by. Lima has been with him since he was 9, but only shows herself when she is called apon or needed. No one really knew about the pet until recently due to the fact he had never shown her around.

X Vitros / V.3 VitrosShaded

Personality: Vitros was always one of the quiet kids in his childhood, so no one bothered him much. When he was a young boy, he was always serious when it came to sports and always took up for others that needed help. His attitude often got him into misunderstandings, which often led to fights. His saying, try to calm the foe and stop the fighting at first, and if that doesnt work, protect yourself. He is anything but ruthless when it comes to fighting, and fights with honor in his heart. If he defeats his foe, he trys to help them subdue their rage, if at all posible. Many people he knows will often say, "I fought that young man with nothing but the thought of killing him, and yet now, he has turned out to be quite a good guy."

(Bio could not be added due to too large of quantity. PM me for Vitros' full Biography)
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Sorry 'bout the long time it took...


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