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 SOS: If we were stranded on an island.

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SOS: If we were stranded on an island. Empty
PostSubject: SOS: If we were stranded on an island.   SOS: If we were stranded on an island. Empty4/6/2008, 5:18 pm

Quote :

Rules apply here as the rules apply anywhere...Follow them and the RP rules, in which I'll add soon.

((message))= Out of Character
() =In story parentheses.

Also, this is an idea from Shrukan of Zelda Temple.

Jak was walking in a Tokyo alley filled with a hundred civilians. He climbed a ladder to the top of a multi-story apartment. He overlooked the crowd of a million in the downtown area. A typical day, but a little humid.

He lied down to look at the clear sky, filled with sunlight. Blue and beautiful the sky was.

He sat up and stared at the crowd again. Nearby, a car crash erupted in scrap metal. The drivers screeched endlessly at each other.

"Ehhh....Nothing to do, even in Tokyo." Jak complained. He got up and put his feet over the edge of the building. Surprisingly, no one noticed him.

A wierd noise fell behind Jak. It was like it came from a futuristic space game. He looked behind him, and he saw a portal. It was blue, swirling and big enough for him to walk through.

Instead of walking through, Jak was thrown in there by the pull of the portal itself.


Jak awoke from what seemed to be a concusion. He looked at the sea, and the palms around him.

"Um...Where is Tokyo?" He asked blatantly. "Damn, I'm on an island...." He complained again.

He got up and looked at the jungle close to the shore.

SOS: If we were stranded on an island. Zeldamastersig

Arceus. PERIOD.
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SOS: If we were stranded on an island.
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