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 RP Rules

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RP Rules Empty
PostSubject: RP Rules   RP Rules Empty4/6/2008, 5:37 pm

Rules for the RP category is as follows:

1. God-Modding

A moment in a post where the RPer's person has obtained God-like abilities.

EX: Jak committed suicide with a knife. Soon he was resurrected by his own powers.

This includes Reviving, Sudden Death, or anything a God can do.

2. Killing

No killing of other characters are allowed, unless prearranged with a mod and the owner of the character.

3. Spam

Same as the site.

4. Common Sense

You have it somewhere. Use it...Don't ask someone something you should know.

EX: Jak jumped down from a palm tree and split a coconut. He saw a tiger coming right for him.

POSTER 2: ((Is the tiger going to bite?))

5. Rules

Follow them as they are there for you to do so.

Other than that, you should know other things. You should read any new characters profile before posting, just so you know their background.

RP Rules Zeldamastersig

Arceus. PERIOD.
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RP Rules
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